Humor clothing

Published: 10th June 2010
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Humor Clothing

Humor is an up and coming Danish brand which is creating quite a name for itself on the fashion scene. Humor is not an easy brand to label, they different shapes, silhouettes and bright colours to create their funky street wear look. The inspiration for the clothing comes from electronic music and the pulse from the ever evolving street wear from around the globe. Humors use of bright colours and different textures is perfect for daywear or when trying to make that statement on a night out.

Humor is a very edgy brand with its use of colours, materials and shapes it's very easy for you to create your own individual look and keep it fresh, Scandinavian hippy knitwear meets Shibuya street style meets cyber fashion.

Humor has four main styles of jeans/chinos which are all very different and unique. The four main styles are Santiago, Dean, Nixon and Zanka all of which offers a different shape and fit to them. The classic example and the style Humor are most recognised for would be the Santiago. Now the Santiago fit is a classic carrot fit jean, with an anti fit waist and a really tapered arc leg. The stand out feature of the Santiago style is the drop crotch, which basically means that the jeans have a really baggy loose fit around the waist, they are designed to be worn low and off the waist.

The Humor Dean style is probably their most subtle design, they are slight carrot fit being a little loose around the waist but very narrow at the bottom. The Dean chinos are a really great piece for summer, bridging the gap between smart and casual.

The Nixon style is another carrot fit jean but with a Humor twist. The fly buttons are asymmetric and of centre, the belt loops are really over sized and the jeans have a real anti fit feel to them. They are a great casual jean which offers you that something different.

The Humor Zanka jeans are probably the most distinctive style in the range from Humor. They feature the signature Humor drop crotch, but they have a slight western styling to them with side leg pockets, and low over sized back pockets like something from the Wild West.

Humor clothing has a philosophy to make a style which combines material, design, detail and colour to create an overall look for the individual. The look needs to be new but also have a commercial and wearable element to it making it easy to wear, and unique.

Humor design a variety of tops to compliment any look, from casual short sleeved tops with hood detail, to brightly coloured tees, to granddad style knitwear with a crazy twist. All of their clothing has a unique feature to it which allows the wearer to create a very individual look without trying too hard.

Humor really is an up and coming fashion brand with its finger firmly on the pulse of modern day culture and design.

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